Friday, November 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Jack O'Lanterns

We debated about doing a full-blown pumpkin patch complete with camel rides or just going a more simpler route. After considering the near $40 cost of the option with rides, we decided to just make it simple and pick out our own pumpkins. We actually went to the same farm where the kids had their farm program in the spring.

My parents came with us this year, so that added a bit of extra fun. In our family, we always buy our pumpkins the week before Halloween and carve them the same evening, cook pumpkin seeds, light the jack-o-lanterns, ect. I thought from their website that The Center had an actual pumpkin patch where you picked the pumpkins straight from the vine, but apparently not. Still, it didn't make much difference to the kids. They liked the tractor-pulled cart ride up the hill to the pumpkin field.

We didn't take long to find the perfect three pumpkins for our family.

After riding back down in the cart, we paid for our pumpkins and hitched a ride in a golf cart down to the car. After depositing our pumpkins there and saying goodbye to my parents, we climbed up the wooden bridge and across the street before heading home.

After stopping at a store on the way home, we started carving. Actually, I should say Steve started carving. I was in charge of doing all the seeds. I had forgotten how long the whole process takes with three pumpkins. The kids stayed around, though, for most of the process. They really got into the design aspect this year, telling Steve exactly what they wanted their pumpkins to look like.

We were talking about what we named our pumpkins last year, and we mentioned Jared had named his pumpkin Bag Mamma. So, this year Jared's pumpkin is named Bag Mamma Skeleton. He found a Spooky Stories book which Steve used in the design process. Alexa named her pumpkin Elizabeth, and my and Steve's pumpkin is Happy, since we've always used an H name since we've been married.

There was great joy and celebration when we were done, on Steve's part because he was just plain tired, and the kids were excited to see the jack-o-lanterns lit. And what a spooky, fun sight they made.

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