Friday, November 19, 2010

Visiting Daddy and the DuPage Children's Museum

It had been a while since we visited Steve at his office, and since we were going to the DuPage Children's Museum later that day, we thought we'd stop by and see Daddy first.  The kids LOVE visiting their dad at his job. He's a sales tax manager and has a nice big office that is fun to play in. Plus, they get to go around saying hi to the members of his team.

We went out to eat at Pompeii, dropped Steve back at work, and then headed to the museum. We have a membership so we can go whenever we want to, and let me tell you, afternoon is the best time to go. It was 1:30 when we arrived, and I think there was probably only three or four other families in the entire building. Awesome! Of course that's because most older kids are at school and the younger kids are taking naps, so that's probably not true about the summers.

I had the idea to go there when I saw on the museum's website that the art studio's project was painting with gears. Turns out the kids spent about five minutes in that room and then wanted to play in the shadow exhibit for about a half hour. It's funny how our interests may draw us towards something, but yet we often walk away in a whole other direction.

What I love about museums is how even though you've been to the same one many times, you still seem to always see or do something new every time you go back. Of course some of that has to do with changing temporary exhibits, but I think it's also about how you've learned new things, think in new ways and are really a different person when you go back.  So, even though the kids have been in this woodworking part of the exhibit a few times before and have seem so-so about it, they spent a long time there today, especially Jared, focusing intently on their projects.

Maybe it was because the water/wind room had literally no other people in it when we were there, or simply because the kids were in such great spirits that day, but we had so, so, much fun pushing rubber ducks down waterfalls, running through wind machines, and playing pirates on a ship. It was a good, good day. Something we all really needed.

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