Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Leaf Fight

Its hard to believe it's time to rake leaves when it seems like yesterday my husband took out the lawn mower for the first time since winter. Now the first snowfall is not too far off. And yet, you can see from the pictures, Alexa is sleeveless so we're savoring the few warm days left.

I just had to grab the camera and head outside when Steve told me the kids were about to jump into their first pile of leaves of the season.

Soon Steve and I got in leaf-jumping mood, too. I did ok, and even let the kids bury me, but after getting little bits of leaves stuck in my eyes, I was ready for a break. Still, I find I like the fall season more and more, especially since I've had kids. There are just so many fun, wonderful experiences to be had.

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Lynn B said...

Hey Chris! Fun catching up on your blog! Do you know how you enabled the option to have follow-up comments emailed to commenters? My blog doesn't do that, does it? (You know, that little box you can check after commenting? I wouldn't know since of course all comments get emailed to me.)

I really like that feature and want to make sure I have it too. Any info you can share? Thanks :)