Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cosley Zoo

Alexa took the picture above of me and my sister. I love it! Actually, she took the five pictures below as well. On the 29thof July we went with my sister and her son to Cosely Zoo in Wheaton It's nice because it's a free zoo and very small, so I felt less nervous letting the kids run a bit ahead of us because it was so enclosed.

I think Alexa liked taking pictures of the animals better than actually seeing the animals. I guess Jared enjoyed himself, he said he did, but wasn't overly enthusiastic like he is about other things.

She took dozens of pictures of her little cousin.

The snake was the one animal that really perked up the kids.

Jared became most excited when he saw this red caboose there. They had a few hands-on things inside. He especially liked the beads. Those are usually the toys he heads straight for at the library and the doctor's office.

After a while, we stopped at the little store and had some ice cream. I think the sugar really got to the kids because they started running away from us, and I had to keep getting up and bringing them back to the table. Finally, I realized they just really needed to run around for a while, so we moved over to this open field and they ran around for about twenty minutes. They LOVED running and wrestling with their aunt.

Before we left, we stopped by this beautiful duck pond. Alexa took so many pictures at this spot. I've included below some of my favorite that she took.

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