Friday, August 7, 2009

Daddy's Work

We try to visit Steve at work at least three or four times a year. We've been visiting him since they had just turned a year old, so quite a few of the people he works with have seen them as they've grown. Plus, Steve's boss had a BBQ at his home every summer which we always attend with the kids. This summer we went on July 14th. The picture above was taken in the back of his building. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and there's even a small corn field planted out back.

Every time we go the kids ask to see the coy pond in the building's lobby. They also have so much fun climbing up things and just exploring.

I was upset that I forgot to bring the camera up to Steve's office. They love sitting in his chair, playing with his phone and adding machine. I think it's so good to bring kids to a variety of adult work settings to get a more clear idea of what different occupations are like.
Another cute thing happened when we went out to eat for lunch. The place where we went to eat had the menu printed in larger letters right on the wall when you first walked in. Alexa was reading the menu off the wall and impressing quite a few people.

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