Friday, August 7, 2009

Fox Valley Park District Indoor Pool

On July 8th we went with my sister and her son to the Fox Valley Park District to go swimming in their indoor pool. We had planned to go to an outdoor pool, but it was raining that day. In fact, almost every time we've gotten together this summer for something planned it's either been cold or raining. The weather has really been disappointing this summer in the Chicago area. I almost feel as if we've been cheated out of a summer. There have probably only been four or five days in the 90's and probably just three weeks in the 80's. I am so looking forward to our vacation in the Cayman Islands in September. But, I really shouldn't complain. To some, our weather would be really warm and they'd be grateful for it. I need to work on being more thankful!

Whenever we've tried to go to a Splash Park, the kids have not liked it at all. They just stand around the perimeter and watch the other kids. You'd think some one had just punched them if they got splashed, though I guess they take after me there. That's why I was really nervous about how they would be in a pool, although when we staying in the hotel for Steve's sister's graduation, they loved the pool. Well, they loved this pool, too! I was so happy. I'm not a good swimmer, so I always wanted my kids to have the chance to be good swimmers. Both of the said they'd like to take swimming lessons after being in the pool today, so I will definitely be looking into that for the fall.

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