Friday, August 7, 2009

My Little Ballerina

I always said that I wouldn't put my kids in any formal lessons until it came from them. Well, since she was two, Alexa has been saying she wanted to attend dance class. At a little after two, she and Jared would watch ballet productions on DVD. They both were entranced, but Alexa in particular, with the dancing and story. She then started asking me if she could take dance lessons. I told her she could when she turned three.

Well, at three years and two months old, she attended her first dance class. She can be a terribly shy child, long after she was talking people would ask me if she knew how to talk yet, so during the first class I had to stand next to her and do the positions and moves with her. The next week she needed me next to her for about ten minutes and then she was fine. As I'm writing this (it's Aug 22) the summer session is over, and after putting on her ballet slippers she'd run right up to the group without looking back.

I think what she likes best about the class are the different costumes she gets to use. The butterfly costume below is her favorite. She wants to take another sessions, so on Monday I'll sign her up for the fall. They'll have a special holiday recital at the end, so that will be exciting for her.

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