Friday, August 7, 2009

Lakeview Nature Center

On July 11th we went to the Lakeview Nature Center in Oakbrook Terrace. They have a small, but really nice building where there were mainly aquariums with small animals such as snakes, toads, turtles and fish. For some reason, Jared really, really enjoyed looking at the animals. We've been in places like this before, and while he's always enjoyed himself, he never seemed this excited before. There was this model human skeleton in the corner and Jared said, "Look, it's from Bill Nye the Science Guy." I was a little surprised that he remembered that because we haven't seen many Bill Nye episodes lately.

I think Jared enjoyed the sand table the most with the shells. He would have spent a whole lot more time here if Alexa hadn't wanted to go to the playground. I don't have pictures of Alexa here because she was in a bit of a whiny mood and wanted Steve to hold her most of the time.

After looking in the building, we rode the paddle boats for about a half hour. They only had two- seaters so I went with Alexa and Jared rode with Steve. Whenever I've been a paddle boat with Steve, it's so much easier because he does most of the paddling!

We had brought some bread with the feed the ducks, so that was a highlight of the boat ride, too, although we were so busy with it that I forgot to take any pictures, just video.

After the ride and before we went home, the kids had fun running up and down this little hill with Steve.

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