Friday, August 7, 2009

Elmhurst Splashpad at The Hub

I guess it's funny that this post has the word splash pad in the title and yet all the pictures I'll be posting will all be at the playground area. That's because when we went in July with my friend M and her son J, Alexa and Jared refused to go through the spraying water!

When we first arrived, we had a picnic lunch right outside the splash pads. After eating a little bit (how they usually are) the kids, along with little J, went over the to batting cages and had a great time watching the boys hitting the balls. I know Jared is going to love going to the cages when he gets older.

Then after getting all sun-lotioned up and their suits on, they just watched the other kids run in and out of the sprays. I had thought that by bringing their beach pails with they would at least have liked to fill those up and dump them out, but no. They just wanted to watch. Little J loved the water, though, so for M's sake I'm glad he had a chance to play in the water.

Jared and Alexa started to come to life again at the playground. I guess it's just more of their thing, although like I said in a previous post, they really, really like being in a pool.

The pictures below are all taken by Alexa except the two of J. Alexa probably walked around for at least a half hour taking pictures. She took a series of funny pictures of me flexing and making funny faces, but I decided not to post those. I think I'd be to embarrassed to have others see those! I love the one directly below of Jared on the swings. He really, really enjoys being pushed in a swing. I usually push them on the bigger swings, but when he wants to go really high and faster, he feels more secure on the baby swings.

Don't you just love this picture of M and me. I thought Alexa really did a good job on this one.

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