Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Art 3

My mom had bought a stained glass kit when we had visited the Cernan Space Center about a month ago. I think the kids enjoyed doing the kit, although, it was very intricate work which I mainly finished.

Another art project they really enjoy is painting paper with glue and then sprinkling glitter all over the paper. Of course, that usually ends up in a glitter flight!

We had just finished reading a book about when Pablo Picasso was a little boy, and they loved the scene where Picasso painted his sister in egg yolk right before they were to go to church. So of course they had to paint with egg yolk themselves after the story.

From not painting that much at the beginning of the summer, they sure made up for it these past two weeks! While they don't seem to be into painting anything specific on paper, they love painting everything else. I wish I had continued taking pictures throughout the process, but they started painting their table and then poured glitter over the paint), then the chairs, fence, sidewalk, their tricycles, the whole deck and started on the garage, but I had to stop it then.

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