Friday, August 7, 2009

Millennium Park

The day after the 4th we went to Millennium Park with Steve's parents, cousin, aunt, grandmother and sister. Alexa was in a cranky mood which made it more difficult because she wanted Steve to carry her around for most of the time, but Jared sure had a good time. Even just running around this platform was fun for him.

Of course we saw the bean. It was fun for the kids to see their reflection and the skyscrapers behind them. I don't know; the bean doesn't have a great appeal for me. I guess I'm very old-fashioned in my taste for architecture.

Jared had an awesome time running with Steve through the water near the face fountains. For some reason, Alexa, being cranky, refused to run through the water. You can see Steve below trying to encourage her to run with them, but the only way she went near the water is if Steve was holding her.

This was an interesting sculpture. We were wondering what the significance of the stature was and I suggested maybe a Chinese folktale. Just things like looking at unusual statues is really wonderful for helping kids' imagination. I'm really hoping this fall to get to the Museum of Contemporary Art with the kids. I think they will really love it. Plus, I've heard they have an excellent kids program.

I really love how the family pictures turned out. Below: Steve's aunt, dad and cousin.

Steve's sister and grandmother.

Alexa and Steve's mother.

I just had to include the picture below. Steve's sister was just going to take a picture of me, Steve, Jared and Alexa when a bird pooped all over her chest, arm and shirt. And I mean all over. You know that purplish type of poop? Disgusting. Here's Steve's mom wiping it off her arm.

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