Saturday, June 4, 2011

Balboa Park and Mission Bay Beach San Diego

Balboa Park has been described as the Smithsonian of the west. With its 15 museums plus a zoo, restaurants, gardens and hiking we knew we had to narrow our choices. With the kids it was pretty easy. We headed straight for the playground for a picnic lunch.

The rest of our day was practically free, too, thanks to our explorer's level Chicago Museum Children's Pass. We were able to get into the San Diego Natural History Museum for free. It's a nice, little museum. We saw everything in a few hours (well, you know the way most kids "see" everything!).

Then we walked next door to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center.  It was getting close to dinner, so we didn't see many exhibits, but we did see the Omnimax Galapagos Island film. It was soooo good! We never did come back to the park, but if you can, plan to spend several days seeing all the goodies here.

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