Sunday, June 12, 2011

Volcanoes, the Human Body & Dinosaurs

We've been reading the Magic Treehouse books together during lunch for the past six months or so. We had just finished reading Vacation Under the Volcano  Book #13 and wanted to make our own volcano, so I ordered the Magic School Bus Volcano kit.

As usual, Alexa wanted to read us the instructions and Jared wanted to do all the hands-on stuff. He looked so adorable in his scientist googles!

The kit has you experiment with different amounts baking soda, and vinegar and dish soap and you recorded your findings on a chart. We kept experimenting until we found our perfect combination. We had so much fun setting the solution off in the tube that we still haven't set it off the actual volcano yet!

We've had so much science taking place around the house lately. Alexa received a human body model from us for her birthday. She had been asking a TON of questions about body parts, what does what, and so I thought she'd love a model to play with. I was definitly right!

We bought the Smart Lab You Explore It Human Body model for her. It's very reasonably priced, and she has used it so much. In fact, just the past three days in a row she's sat down with it for at least an hour.

For her birthday, she also received two dinosaur excavation kits. She's been saying she wants to be an archeologist when she's older and loves the dino excavation exhibits at the science and children's musuems. This present did lose it's luster, though, after a few days. It was hard work chipping away at that plaster, and I evenually did a lot of the work for her at her request, but she did get excited when we'd see a fossil poking out. I think it made her appreciate how hard archeologists work and that it takes days or even months of boring manual labor before you find anything exciting.

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