Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

I remember bringing the twins home from the hospital the first day and thinking it would be a long time before they'd turn 5. Well, it hasn't seemed as long as I thought it would!  I hope the next five years go much more slowly.

We wanted to do something a little different for the kids instead of just going out to eat and opening presents, so we took them to Enchanted Castle, a little indoor amusement park. Jared and I came here a few months ago on our date, and we still had tokens left and a coupon for a go-cart ride.

After playing the games and riding some rides, we bought out go-cart tickets and headed for the indoor track. Jared and I had such a fun time together the last time we were here, and he was excited to ride with Steve this time and race me and Alexa.

I'm glad I took this picture of Steve and the kids, because a few minutes into our ride, I slammed into the wall and Alexa hurt her head pretty bad. She really wasn't tall enough to ride and the strap didn't hold her tight enough, so she slammed her head against the side of the car. She had a pretty big bump that swelled and turned black and blue. The management was understandably concerned, gave us lots of water and rolls of tokens. We hung out for a little while longer, but she wasn't feeling great so the kids cashed in their tokens and we left.

We were really hungry by then, so we went to Culvers right across the street. We didn't plan it but I remembered how we took them to Culvers on their third birthday, too.

I had bought a teeny, tiny cake from Jewel earlier that day, so after singing and blowing out the candles, the kids got down to business. Presents!

They were both pretty excited about their presents. Alexa's favorite was her DK History Explorers computer game.

Jared and Steve spent a few hours putting together his Bobba Fett Lego set. This was his only present from us because it cost $80. We told him that if he really wanted a big Lego set, it might be his only present from us. I was worried when he opened just the one and Alexa had five that he would this it was unfair, but he was absolutely fine with it. We give the kids allowance and they're really getting the concept of how much things cost and how long you have to save up for something big.

That weekend we had the kid's party with extended family at Steve's parents house. It's always a gamble as to where we'll host the party since our house is tiny and everyone wouldn't fit if we had it by us unless it was in the backyard. It was pretty rainy this year, so it didn't work out for our house. Alexa received lots of books, a butterfly net, and a much-requested DK World Explorer kit.

Jared, of course, received lots of Lego sets, including a $100 Scorpion Pyramid kit, which several people went in together for.

When most everyone left, Uncle Andy hung out with us for some badminton....

...and I don't think he counted on getting tackled by the kids.... and even me!

We came home and the kids stayed up late that night playing with their new presents. Here's to a wonderful, S-L-O-W 5th year.

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