Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild Animal Safari Park

Last post I wrote about our whale watching  trip and how unbelievably inexpensive it was for all we were able to do. Well, I can't say the same about Wild Animal Safari Park in San Diego. It cost $110 for all four of us and that was WITH a coupon! The zoo is very spread out so you have to walk quite a ways between exhibits. So it's walk, walk, walk, walk, see an animal, walk, walk, walk, walk.

Maybe because we practically live next door to a world famous zoo where we live (the Brookfield Zoo), we weren't that impressed. Yes, the design was pretty and it was fun to see the animals we saw, but we could have see the same animals and more at home. But for people who don't live next to a great zoo, I think (if you can afford it!) you'd like spending the day here.

Actually, what the kids enjoyed most was finding little caves and places to crawl into. Even Steve crawled in with them, which didn't make him popular with the rest of the parents who now felt like they had to crawl in too with their kids.

The kid's also enjoyed just feeding the ducks with some food we bought for a quarter (I'm telling ya, it's the least expensive things that kid's like most!).

We ended the day with the safari ride, what I thought would make this zoo different than ours at home. You basically take a tram ride around some animal habitats. I guess it's pretty cool to see animals more out in the open than in their usual cages, but you have to pay around $250 for a family of four to get close up to the animals, which we weren't going to do.

But, it was a day we were together, and we'll always have those memories, so how can I complain about that?

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