Friday, June 10, 2011


This past Easter was very unusual for us. Usually we get together with extended family for a big dinner after church, the grandparents hide Easter eggs and give the kids baskets. This year we all got sick except for Steve. So, we were holed up at home by ourselves.

To kind of make up for it, we colored Easter eggs for the first time. I couldn't believe we hadn't done it before. All the other years Easter seemed to just creep up on me.

I guess I stretched the truth a bit when I said we didn't celebrate with anyone else. My mom came to our house and hid eggs for the kids in our backyard. Then the kids came out to find them while my Mom stayed as far back as she could! I hardly have any pictures of the kids looking for their eggs, since I was taking pictures from inside the house, but I was so glad my mom did something special for the kids. She even brought over treats for Steve and I too! Thanks, Mom!

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