Friday, June 3, 2011

Legoland California & Sea Life Aquarium

Legoland was the ultimate highlight of our trip. It's something the kids are still talking about almost two months later. Jared LOVES his Lego's. He spends hours and hours building with them. At first we weren't going to go because it was going to cost $240, but Steve saw a commercial where you'd get a child's admission free to Legoland with the purchase of an adult's entree at Denny's.  So, it cost us $120 for the family and we were able to come back a few days later to Sea Life Aquarium, too.

Jared was in love with the Pharaoh's Quest Scorpion Pyramid Lego set from his Lego catalog (which he looks at every night in bed with his clip on night light attached to his bed, too cute!). So the tomb raiders ride was the first must do ride once we entered the park.

Some other rides were loved were:

the slides....

and Lego horses, but the ultimate fun was....

....looking at all the Lego Star Wars sets exhibited throughout Legoland Mini land. It was awe inspiring to think about the work and creativity that went into designing these sets. I wish we could have stayed longer.

A few days later we went back to Sea Life Aquarium which is right next door to Legoland. There were some interesting exhibits here, but it's pretty small; you could go through the aquarium in half a day.

There were even legos here in the aquarium.

If you live near a big city with an aquarium, you won't be that impressed. We live near Chicago with the Shedd Aquarium which is about five to ten times bigger, but it's not a bad place to check out, especially if you get the combined Legoland ticket.

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