Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maritime Museum in San Diego

What could be more fun for a kid than having their run of ships and submarine? Besides the low cost of touring these vessels, the Maritime Museum also had a great floating museum right on the harbor.

We checked out the submarine first. It was pretty impressive. Through the ship's periscope we could even see our car!

Then we boarded the Star of India, a old shipping vessel that still goes out to sea. I really enjoyed reading diary entries from the families who sailed in this ship from Great Britain to New Zealand in the mid 1800's. Jared enjoyed imagining what it would be like to go to the bathroom on the ship.

There was a fun little miniature ship in the lower deck, too, for the kids to play on.

If you've seen the movie Master and Commander with Russell Crowe, then you might recognize the picture below. After the movie, the studio gave the ship to the museum and we had the pleasure of touring it on our visit.

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