Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Cayman Kai

Our second favorite beach, one we liked almost as much as Rum Point, was the public beach at Cayman Kai.  We tried on two occassions to be at the beach during sunset. We did catch a little of the sunset before it was totally dark, but we never managed to get there to watch it right when the sun just starts to sink below the clouds. Still, it was very peaceful, calm, and, because we were always the only people on the beach, very private.

Alexa loved writing in the sand, and then throwing big handfuls of sand into the ocean.

Jared climbed the trees with Steve's help...

and was absolutely delighted to find a crab walking through the grass.

We came another afternoon to the beach at Cayman Kai for a picnic lunch, and the kids walked with Steve all around the edge of the shore that lined the park.

Afterwards, we drove a short way to the northernmost tip of the island (still Cayman Kai area). I included some pictures below to show how deserted this area was. And it had the most clear patches of beach we found on the island.

We walked along the beach for a while, gathering little treasures from barrels (I think they were supposed to be parts of piers that were never built), and walking along portions of piers into the ocean.

As we rounded a corner, we were so thrilled to find about ten starfish in the water. It was so awesome to pick up live starfish in the wild. We stayed there quite a while just taking in their beauty.

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