Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Rum Point

Our favorite beach was Rum Point. I was a little leery going to this beach because of the reviews I had read online. They ranged from absolutely beautiful, the best beach on Grand Cayman, to dumpy and not worth visiting. I'm so glad I went with my instinct to visit this beach.

When we first arrived we were the only people on the beach for at least an hour, and we didn't even get there that early. The water was crystal clear and very, very warm. I'm a huge baby about swimming in cold water, and even I got to where I wanted the water to be a little cooler. I was even able to go out in the water by myself for about ten minutes while the kids played in the sand. It was a big difference from our US Virgin Islands vacation two years ago.

Like I said, the beach was absolutely beautiful. The kids loved finding crabs on the rocks, walking along the shore line, and taking a walk with their daddy out on the pier.

We came to the beach two times during our visit. The second time we rented a kyak for an hour. A stingray swam by us about five feet away.

Steve snorkled a little bit more on this vacation than the last one. I always feel so bad that he can't do more. He loves to snorkle and has snorkled in some great places in the world, including Papua New Guinea.

He would swim down and find us treasures to bring home.

I just adored this shell Steve found and so wanted to bring it home with us. Unfortunatly, a large hermit crab did not want to give up his home. I tried to scare him out with a stick and a fork, but it was no use. I googled how to get a hermit crab to come out of his shell, but all the advice was they wouldn't come out.

Someone suggested boiling him out, and, I'm sorry to say, I actually considered this for a few minutes, that's how badly I wanted that shell. But, in the end, I knew I'd feel awful doing that. We laid the shell on our beach for two days, and I even put another large shell right next it, but that crab would not give up his home.

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