Friday, November 27, 2009

Grand Cayman - Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise

One of our biggest expenses was going on a cruise aboard one of Jolly Rogers Pirate Cruises. Since Jared is so pirate obsessed lately, we knew this would be at the top of our list of things to do.

Both kids were really excited, but also a bit shy, when we first boarded. Since we were there in September, and it is one of the slowest months of the months for tourists, there were only about ten more people on the boat.

Soon after boarding, we went down to the lower deck of the boat. Jared loved the pirate decorations.


I was a bit disappointed with the cruise. On the website, they promote the cruise as for children. They said kids can help hoist the mainsail, help fire the cannon, or walk a plank, none of which took place during the cruise. I don't know if it was because ours were the only kids on the boat and they were very young, or that there were so few people on the boat, but we had hyped things up for the kids, and I wish I would have know what it would have really been like.

Still, we did get to go snorkling for a little bit, which was nice. Jared came with me in the water, but at that time Alexa was still not putting her foot in the water. A really nice older lady stood with her while we were in the water.

I love the color of the water in the picture below. It's the only picture I have that comes close to showing what the water actually looked like.

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