Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Seven Mile Beach

When most people think of Grand Cayman the first thing that comes to mind after billionaire's bank accounts is Seven Mile Beach. I knew it was supposed to be the most crowded beach, and the one that most tourists flock to since it is so close to the cruise ship drop-offs, but we wanted to at least check it out before leaving the island.

We got lucky in that first, we came in September. I cannot say enough about the benefits of coming to the Carribean during September. Sure, you might run into rainy days. And it might be scorching hot at times, too. But, you will find almost all things you do, as long as they are not super touristy, to be very private. Going to the islands in September is great for kids under five or homeschooled families.

Secondly, we happened to pick a really great beach access at our first stop. We stayed for a little while (it also happened to be right next door to the mayor's home!), but since there wasn't a restroom, we went further on to the public beach.


The next stop wasn't as private as the first beach acess (maybe 6-10 more people?) but we still had fun exploring this side of the island.

Of course, to the kids a playground is just as exciting as visiting a new beach.

On the way home we stopped at the docks and bought some red snapper from local fishermen. Steve grilled it at the apartment. Yum!

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