Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Nightly Crab Walks

I will always deeply remember and cherish our nightly crab walks. At least 3/4th of the nights, when it would get dark around 6:45 at night, we'd take out two flashlights and comb our beach for crabs. Every night we would see some type of crab. The most common were the medium sized crabs pictured above.

Jared loved, loved, LOVED looking for crabs. He became an expert at spotting them much faster than Steve or me. We'd shine the light about three feet ahead of us and sweep it back and forth til we spotted a crab. Usually they would scurry down into a hole before we could see them up close, but many crabs also posed for us, too.

We did see, right on the porch, a huge crab, the size of a king crab. It sat for a while, just looking at us. And then there was this hermit crab that dug a huge hole right under the porch. One thing to be wary of in Grand Cayman when driving is hitting a crab. Just like we have to always swerve to avoid hitting squirrels in Illinois, in Grand Cayman you have to avoid the crab claws from puncturing your tires.

We did see a few other animals like this beetle on our nightly walks, too.

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