Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grand Cayman island - First morning in our new home

This is the view we woke up to our first morning in Grand Cayman. It was incredibly breath-taking, and we could hardly believe that we were going to be able to stay two weeks in such an amazing place.

You step off the porch of the home, and you are toes-high up in sand. The beach was less than fifty feet from the home, and it was practically private (technically-speaking, no beaches on Grand Cayman are private).

We found lots of shells right awy. In later posts, I'll tell you more about our "treasure" walks. I loved that there were these young coconuts laying on the sand, almost as if someone had put them there on purpose for decoration.

We stayed in the ground apartment of a multi-million dollar home. For three day, the owner's girlfriend was there. The rest of the time we were on our own. It had a combined kitchen, living room, eating area, and then a bedroom with a king-bed and the bathroom en-suite. The kids slept on air mattresses next to us by the bed.

This place only cost us $825 a week.If you know anything about Grand Cayman, you know you can't come close to staying in a hotel for that amount, let alone having as much room and privacy we had.  We will always stay in homes now, for all of our travels. It is much, much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and you can cook your own food which saves you lots of money, too. Check out how to do slow travel. It will hopefully show you how much different your travelling can be, how you can truely get to know a place from staying at a base location and living more like the locals.

We will always remember this house and our memories here.

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