Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Our Home Beach

Several times during our stay, Steve took out a little raft, which belonged to the owner of the house, out to the reef about half a mile from shore. It would have been a bit much to have all four of us in the raft, but Steve did take the kids out to the end of a broken down pier (it had been destroyed with Hurrican Ivan).

They also had a whirlpool at the other end of the porch. It was a nice break from the salt water. At one point, while we were right in the pool, Jared let go from the edge, and his head went under the water. It was a scary moment. I really, really would like the kids to take swim lessons.

Jared especially liked to swim with Steve. He also loved it when you'd play shark with him.

The kids often played and "swam" in the beach in front of the house, although the water only came up to their waists before the reeds began.

It was so relaxing to have dinner on the porch, often BBQ, while we could look at the ocean. The kids are very, very light and, especially Jared, picky eaters. We are lucky to have them sit still for five minutes with us before they want to run around and play, so it was nice to have a relaxing dinner while watching them play in the sand or by the water.


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