Friday, November 20, 2009

Grand Cayman - Pirate's Caves

One sweltering morning, we drove twenty minutes from the house to Pirates Caves. It's definitely very touristy, and we generally dislike a lot of touristy things, but, again, we were the only ones here, so we liked the feeling like it was ours alone to explore.

They are real limestone caves located on the soutern part of Bodden Town.  The caves are said to extend out into the sea and are believed by locals to have been used by pirates to hide their treasures, hense the name Pirates Caves.

It was a must do on our list because pirates are currently an obsession at our home. Jared was a pirate last year for Halloween, and he chose to be a pirate again this year, too.

The attraction had many small animals there as well, so the kids were able to see iguanas, rabbits, different types of birds, fresh water stingrays, farm animals, and peacocks. Alexa was even able to ride a rocking horse and swing on swings.

They had a few interesting artifacts there like a dugout canoe...

and touristy things like a pretend pirates grave.

When we finally decended into the cave, we didn't stay very long. The kids ran from room to room, not very impressed with the pretend treasure chests full of gold coins or the skulls. I think it was also very, very hot and they were getting antsy. Still, I had never been in a real cave before, so even if it wasn't very deep or long, it was fun to know I've now been in an offical cave.

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