Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Institute and the Hubbard Street Dance Troupe

The picture above probably looks pretty strange. I wanted to take a picture of the dance floor and couldn't do it once the dancers were on stage. More about that in a few minutes. 

A few weekends ago we went to the Art Institute again for their family festival. We came here last year and really loved it. They had a musical performance last year, and we were able to look at the original drawings from Bill Peet's picture books. We started reading some of his books before viewing the exhibit, and now we're just one book shy of reading all 33 of his books.

Before watching the dance performance, we went into the Ryan Education Center where Jared sat for a silhouette portrait, and Alexa and I read some books together. Steve and Jared joined us, and Jared and I worked on a puzzle before heading to the dance area to get a good seat.

We were able to sit in the very front. The Hubbard Street dancers put on a really nice performance of contemporary, lyrical dance. They played three excerpts of songs and had dancers dance the same choreography to each song, showing how music can change the tone and feel of dance. Then a choreographer came to discuss his dance before it was performed.

While we were waiting for the dance to start, I snapped a cute picture of Alexa and Steve, and then it was Alexa's turn to take my and Steve's picture, and one of me and Jared.

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Darcel said...

Unschooling is a great life! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Looks like you and your family are enjoying life as well :)