Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art Institute

My family went in together to get me a membership to the Art Institute, so we visited the museum during Steve's week off. After eating lunch in the cafeteria, we headed for the Greek and Roman section. Alexa took quite a few pictures, but I've decided to include them in a seperate post.

After leaving the classical section, we walked across the museum to the Touch Gallery. We've been to the Art Institute twice now with the kids, but we've never visited this section. The kids ran to the books right away.

Since receiving a set of Safari Toob knights and dragons for Christmas, Jared's been much more interested in knights, so it was fun to look at a real suit of armor and then take pictures in front of a knight cut-out.

The Touch Museum is great because they have statues and other artworks the kids can, well, obviously, touch. Alexa really liked this small display.

We had visited the awesome Impressionist paintings on an earlier visit (they recognized the Monet's right away), and since I had wanted to check out the new Education Center in the Modern Wing, we went there next. Actually, I forgot. We also visited the miniature room, which Alexa absolutely loved.

The kids opted out of the story time, and instead wanted to build with the foam blocks. They also wanted to play a silly game where they'd wedge themselves between two pieces of foam and pretend to be meat in the midddle of a sandwich.

They also really liked crawling across some foam mats and doing some reading.

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