Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun Play Around the House in February Part 1

On their own, the kids came up with the idea of putting each different colored marker in it's own container and watching the ink dye the water. It's a pretty frequent game of theirs lately.

Lots of impromptu concerts.

They've created a game they call store, which makes me cringe whenever they want to play it because it usually involves a lot of clean up afterwards, but they really, really love it. They'll take something from the fridge or pantry and hand it to me. I'm the cashier; I scan the item, they give money and I give them the item. They put it in a bag and carry it to the couch. They then proceed to do this until there are literally fifty bags piled high on the couch. I wish I had a picture with all the bags, but I only have one below taken at the beginning of the game.

Lots and lot of concoctions.

Of course the hours and hours of dress-up fun.

And quite a few painting sessions.

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