Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun Things We Did in January 2010 Part 2

My kids love to do physical things. They are constantly asking to play hide and seek, or tiger (where I pretend to be a tiger and chase them around), or Batman, or anything to do with running and climbing. So, when I can think of a game or activity that excites them that also lets me sit down, that's ALWAYS wonderful.

Our new game is called, "Queen." I am the queen and they have to dress me up and put makeup on me. It's sort of like the post I wrote about how they put tape all over my face. I get great globs of lip gloss on my cheeks, nose, mouth, and even inside my ears, but at least I can sit down.

We've also done a fair share of baking this month, too. Here's Steve and the kids making Snickerdoodles one evening after dinner. Both kids crack eggs by themselves, measure, pour, and sometimes want to do the mixer by themselves, too.

It can be hard to get dinner ready at night when they kids are playing their own thing because often there will be tears and crying, and I hate running back and forth from the stove. So, I do my best to include them in the dinner preparation. When they were a lot younger, say just turned two, it was more of a hassle when I'd include them and dinner took a lot longer to make, but now it's really paying off. It's amazing how much they can already do by themselves at only three months away from being 4 years old. It's really true that for unschooling to work well, you must include your children in your daily life.

Alexa enjoys taking care of her babies. She really just started liking this since she turned three. Before that, she was more into stuffed animals. She likes to go all out with giving them a bath, from washing their hair and body, to rubbing on lotion and baby powder, and even putting Desitin on thier bottoms!

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