Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DuPage Children's Museum

I really, really like the DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville and so do the kids. It's not as big as the Chicago Children's Museum, yet it still seems that every time we go there, there is something new we haven't explored yet. Of course there are the favorites we always make time for like Jared's drums.

There's an awesome section with PCV pipes and holes in walls and floor. I was really surprised the kids played there for about 40 minutes. I guess having Daddy there to build with made the difference.

We'd never been in the woodworking section before, so it was a new treat for the kids. I think Alexa enjoyed it even more than Jared. When they are five, they can go to the workshops at Home Depot for parents and children. I've always thought they'd like doing that with Steve, but we'll see when it comes time. I'm definitely not wanting to rush it. I really don't want them to turn 4!

One reason I love taking the kids to children's museum is watching what types of things they are drawn to. After seeing how fascinated they were with this wooden ball run, I know what I'm going to put on their wish list for their birthday.

We went upstairs to the room where they set up rotating exhibits. Here they played a variety of games: pretend car, where they could actually change the hubcabs, dress-up (of course), blocks, Color-forms (another great birthday idea), Legos, and reading with Daddy. Every time we come with the kids, it gets a little more relaxing for Steve and me. We actually have pockets of time where the kids are engrossed with something and we can talk for a few minutes. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris - I'm the Director of Marketing & Membership at DuPage Children's Museum. Your blog came to my attention through google alerts and I was gratified to see your appreciation of the experiences you and your family had at the Museum. I hope you visit again and often. I was wondering if I could have your permission to use your comments as quotes/testimonials for the Museum for use on the Museum's blog and possibly in promotional materials? We think you did a great job summing up the experience from a parent's perspective and hope that it could influence other parents to more fully appreciate the Museum too. We could link or not link to your blog - your choice. I'd really like to hear from you - you can reach me at or 630-637-8000 ext. 2600. Thanks so much for enjoying DCM. Take care, Alison Segebarth

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
My name is Viv Miner and I'm Advancement Coordinator at DuPage Children's Museum. I see you've already heard from Alison Segebarth about how pleased we were to read your comments about DCM. We'd like to invite you (and an adult guest, if you'd like) to attend a complimentary Behind the Scenes tour of the Museum. These tours are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month (but not in April) and are by invitation only. If you are interested, please contact Elaine Drikakis at 630-637-8000 x1340, or Elaine will be able to tell you what dates we have available. Thanks again!