Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lagrange Indoor Playground

I've so been missing the warm weather. We've had snow on the ground at least two-thirds of the winter so far, which is very different from last year. Although the kids like the snow, I think it's become less of a novelty, and they don't ask to go out that much anymore.

Since they really need to move and run sometime during the day, we visited the indoor playground in LaGrange, a place we used to frequent more often when the kids were younger, but since they've raised the prices, it's now $10 each time we visit, we haven't been here in quite a while.

It's fun to go to a place with the kids that we haven't been to in a while, just to see how different things are now. I remember the first time coming to this playground; Jared couldn't climb up the slide, and now he shoots right up. Alexa, too, was very nervous about climbing up ladders and going down certain slides, and now she doesn't even hesitate.

It's hard to believe they will be four a little over two months. Some days can seem so exhausting and overwhelming, but I'm so blessed to have them and be with them all the time.

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