Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trick Dogs, Barefoot Hawaiians, and The Mean African King

We've gone to quite a few library programs in the past two months, so I'm going to lump them all together in one post.

One of our favorites was a dog show at the LaGrange Public Library, where we also met my friend and her son. The dogs jumped through hoops, zipped and unzipped jackets, climbed ladders and did dozens of other tricks. Then, the kids were invited to pet the dogs after the show.

Even with all that excitement, I think my kids had the most fun pushing their little friend around in his stroller after the show.

Alexa danced on stage with other girls in the audience when we saw the Barefoot Hawaiians at the Oak Park Library. Jared was a little too nervous to get on stage with the other boys. Both kids really loved watching and listening to dances from French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Fiji. Plus, it made looking at those places on the map much more memorable.

We've also visited the Oak Park library in the past month for an arts project where they created a winter collage, and we've seen a theater/music performance on Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday. A two person acting team put on several short skits based on legends from different parts of the world, performed a dragon dance from China, and other dances from around the globe.

There are so many awesome free library programs in our area. We can usually go to at least three a month if we want to. It's an incredible way to show kids things they may have never been introduced to before, a chance to be with other kids, and also to see what new things might spark their interest.

It's also just a great chance for pretend play, checking out new books and even watching some fish. And best of all, kids can choose whether or not to participate and what they want to dig into even deeper.

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