Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Fun

I'm always cold. Pretty much no matter what the season. Ok, maybe not when it's in the 90's, but on our honeymoon in Hawaii, I didn't see anyone else walking around wearing a jacket at night.

With having kids, my body temperature regulatory system, or whatever it's called, has changed slightly. I don't feel quite as cold as I used to, but still even keeping our house at 73 degrees all winter, I have to snuggle up with a hot water bottle/or electric blanket and a big comforter at night.

Our kids are definitely not like me, thank goodness. They run around half the day buck naked during the coldest days. I don't know how they stand it. They also love to go outside in the snow. I do try to go with them sometimes. I now wear snowpants and own a pair of heavy duty snow boots, and I've went down the hill sledding with the kids, too. Still, it's usually Steve who goes outside with the kids during the winter.

I braved the cold a few weeks ago to take a few cute shots of the kids outside.  Jared loves to shovel.  I hope he still has that same love when he's fifteen and we'd like him  to shovel the driveway!

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