Friday, September 4, 2009

Art Lotto & Child-Sized Masterpieces

For Christmas this past year, my mom bought the kids this art game. It's played just like Bingo. Although we haven't played it as Bingo yet, the kids are really into matching games right now. They match the little card to the one that looks just like it on the card. There's a great variety of both European and American paintings.

I happen to love art history (something I just recently got into in the past few years) and have brought home many picture book series about artists including The World's Greatest Artists series and books by Lawrence Arnholdt.

Another great book for introducing kids to art appreciation is Child-Sized Masterpieces. I bought this when the kids had just turned 2. So far we have just done the Stage 1 of the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Stage 1 in simply a matching game of putting together cards that are the same. I really love this resource because the cards are large enough (probably 9 by 9) that you can see the detail very well. The title and artist's name in on the back of the card.

Kids naturally love to look at pictures, so why not show them photographs, drawings, etchings and paintings done by the world's greatest artists? We plan to do lots of travel with the kids during the year, so it would be nice if, as we walked through different museums, they were able to recognize different pieces and artists.
I hope to do many art projects and look at many different art works with the kids over the years. They have so many different art books, particularly one called Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Style of the Great Masters, that I'm so excited to introduce to the kids. For now, I'm just ecstatic that they love to paint and draw so much.

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