Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kelly's Island - Marblehead Lighthouse

After taking the ferry ride back on Sunday, we stopped at the Marblehead Lighthouse. Last time we were here, Steve and I bought a figurine of the lighthouse. So, it was nice for the kids to see the real lighthouse after playing with the pretend one.

Poor Jared. On Saturday, after falling asleep at the beach, we took his temperature and it was 102. We were able to bring it down, but he was pretty out of it the next day on the way home. He didn't even wake up the entire time my dad carried him around the lighthouse, so he missed the whole thing.

Alexa had a wonderful time with her daddy walking on the stones and throwing rocks into the lake.

We stopped with Amy, her husband and son to fill up on gas and ate some ice cream. Then Amy and Joe headed for thier home. My parents followed us and ate with us later at a rest stop. Steve won a ball in a game, and the kids had a good time catch before getting in the car for the last few hours drive.

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