Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun with Daddy

Steve is the best father I know. I know, I'm prejudiced because he's my husband, but I honestly don't know of another father who spends as much time with his kids as Steve does. From the time he gets home from work til the time the kids sleep (which in our case sometimes doesn't happen until 10:00 or 10:30) he's doing things with them, reading to them, talking with them and showing them new things.

Then on the weekends, we try to have at least one family adventure. He puts in just as much time as I do, in fact on the weekends sometimes more than me, with being with the kids. They simply adore him.

Lately, Jared has loved making towers with Steve in the playroom. They make little garages to park Jared's cars and they build corrals for the ponies to live.

I cannot think of a stronger role model for my son to have than Steve.

They love riding on Daddy's back and pretending he's a tiger, elephant or some other animal. They also enjoy long games of hide-and-go-seek around the house in the evenings, too.

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