Friday, September 4, 2009

Minni Alla's Meep

So one day, Alexa started talking about a new country she had invented. She said it was called Mini Alla's. Then she said it was a restaurant. When I asked if it was a country or a restaurant, she said it was both. The whole country was a restaurant. Then Steve asked Jared if he had a country/restaurant. He said his was called Mini Alla's Meep

When we were reading Bread and Jam for Frances we played pretend restaurant. We made a menu for Jared's restaurant. I love the item Freeree Worms for $80.00. I never could get out of him exactly what these worms looked or tasted like, but he talked about them for quite some time.

I so love this age. It was probably right before they turned 2 1/2 that I noticed a big change in their imagination. They would pretend play before, probably since 16 or 17 months, but it would be things like sitting on the arm of the couch and pretending they were on a boat, or "cooking" things with their pretend food and pots. Their pretend play was just acting out things they see in real life. But after two and a half they started coming up with different names for made up people and places, names they had never heard of before. They also love when I come up with strange games like Obama.

I should explain. They would sit in the swivel chair in the office, and I would pretend to be President Obama. I'd say, "My name is President Barack Obama. I have a mission, do you choose to accept it?" Then they'd say, "Yes." Then I'd say, "You're mission is to find all the red bricks from the planet Saturn and bring them to me." Then I'd push them around and around in the swivel chair, and then they'd jump down, run to the playroom and bring back all the red cardboard bricks.

So, I am very excited in the years to come to see how their games will evolve.

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