Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kelly's Island - Boardwalk Hike

On Friday, the 14th we took our first hike. I'm not sure technically what it was called, but I'm calling it the Boardwalk hike because during parts of the hike we were on a boardwalk.

We hiked down about a half mile til we came to a "tower" which was really just a raised platform about fifteen feet in the air where you could look out over the wooded area. The kids were impressed with it for about 30 seconds and then wanted to come down again. Alexa liked being lifted up to the signs as we passed by them and "reading" them to us. She'd usually pick out a good five to seven words that she knew though.

There were a bit whiny during the hike, and Jared particularly wanted to be carried for 3/4th of the time, still it was a good introduction. We do small hikes in the woods near our home, and they usually walk fine there, but for some reason on this day they didn't want to walk that much.

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