Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chocolate Cake and Letters

It's always hard when my husband goes out of town for work. The kids are usually up near 7:00, often do not take a nap and will get to bed by 9:30 or 10:00. So, it makes the day seem very long sometimes. I try to have a good variety to the day. We do inside stuff like play hide-and-go-seek, board games, reading, puzzles, drawing and a tiny bit of DVD time (usually Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rodgers or a Scholastic Storytime DVD). Then we try to get outside time, as well as visiting someplace like a playground, friend's house or library.

This day we decided to bake a cake. It wasn't anything ambitious like a cake from scratch, just a simple Betty Crocker box variety. Still, it's something different to do and, if it involves icing, will keep Jared's attention for a long, long time.

Jared has really been facinated with letters again. Both kids had their first obsession with letters when they were just over a year old. They would bring magnetic letters to Steve and me, and we'd tell them the letter name and sound. That's how they knew their letters and sounds by 15 months.

Then the interest died down. Alexa grew into loving words, and now she can read several sentences in a row from her books. She still will not read an entire book out loud to me word for word, but she is not even 3 and a half yet, so she is doing just great. Jared, although he likes letters, doesn't seem to know how to read words yet, or is keeping it a secret from me.

Just this past week, though, he has really liked playing with the letters again. He has especially liked to ask Steve and me to spell words for him. I wonder if this means he will want to learn to read soon?

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