Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kelly's Island - Ferry Ride

It wasn't their first ferry ride. We had taken several from St. Thomas to St. John in the US Virgin Islands two years ago, still this was the first ferry ride that I think the kids will remember.

On August 13thwe took off on a four day trip to Kelly's Island, a tiny island about twelve miles from Sandusky, Ohio on the mainland. My parents followed us, stopping to eat lunch together and take the ferry ride across to the island. My sister, her husband and son arrived a few hours after we picked up the key and found the house.

Jared and Alexa seemed to like the ferry ride just fine, but didn't seem overly enthusiastic. Maybe they were a little tired. I would have thought they would have taken a little nap in the car, they usually don't take naps anymore unless we've driven somewhere for a while, but, no, they didn't.

We had a great family time in the car singing, listening to audio books and making up silly sayings.

Steve and I had come to this island after being married for little over a year. His cousin had been married in Columbus, and we stopped over at the island for two days on our way back home for a mini vacation. As we approached the shore, all the past memories came back: biking, hiking, eating a long, leisurely meal in a restaurant, and talking walks. I knew we'd have a great time, but it definitely wouldn't be quite the same as last time.

When we arrived we went to Bag the Moon, a restaurant/bar we had visited before, and picked up the keys to the house we were renting. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the house to post here. We have lots of video footage, but no still shots. It was a great deal. It worked out to $50 per night per couple. There were three bedrooms so each "family" had one bedroom. Our bedroom had a bathroom en suite and there was a second bathroom. We had a very large eat in kitchen and living room. Actually the house was quite a bit larger than ours at home.

We spent most of the time hiking, swimming, watching movies, hanging out in the tiny "downtown" area and going to a festival where we saw animals and heard a band play. It was wonderful to spend time with extended family.

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