Friday, September 4, 2009

Cow Milking and Goat Grooming

I was so excited about the chance for the kids to see a cow being milked, even if it was through a machine. One of the few good memories I have about school is of going to a dairy farm and watching a farmer hand- milk cows. We were able to watch this demonstration at the Brookfield Zoo.

It was a little crowded, it went by really fast, and it was difficult to see with the many bars in the way, so the kids didn't seem that into it. I really hope to have them participate in a junior farmer program this year at a self-sustaining farm where they can help with the farm chores and get to milk a cow for themselves.

Almost every time we come to the Children's Zoo at the Broofield Zoo, we have to go in the petting zoo area. They love to brush the goats. Alexa still remembers feeding the baby goats in Missouri three months ago and asks why we can't feed them here, too.

Jared got nipped a little by the goats, and now it's made him wary of feeding them. Every so often he'll retell the story of how the goat bit him.

When the kids were still two and a half, we went to see the Dinosaur exhibit at the zoo. Since it costs so much, once was enough for us, but they have this huge one next to the fountain when you first come in the South Gate. The kids, especially Jared, loves how it moves, how drool (water) comes out if its mouth and how it will growl at them.

We ended up our day at the Swamp House, a favorite with the kids. They usually want to sit in the canoe and the rowboat and look for the alligator. This visit they were particularly fascinated by an exhibit where you'd pull a lever, water would cause a platform to rise with play furniture on it and then everything would topple over in the "flood."

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