Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tikki, Tikki, Tembo

I had ordered the book Tikki, Tikki, Tembo from the library, but for some reason they took such a long time sending it out that we didn't technically read the book the week we did these activities. But, we did watch the Scholastic DVD, which was the book read word for word.

Alexa and I made Chinese lanteerns one afternoon out of construction paper and ribbons. She definitely is more of a crafty person than Jared.

Another afternoon we made name pictures. I wrote their names in glue,  and then they poured glitter over the glue.

One really fun, but very long and messy activity was making cookies from scratch. It was from a really, strange recipe so the dough was very crumbly, still I was able to shape the dough into letters of their name and even had leftover dough to shape the word Daddy for Steve.

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