Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Little Basketball Player

Since Alexa is taking  a dance class, I wanted Jared to have something of his own. I knew he'd like anything to do with sports, but when I first researched class possibilities everything was for ages four and up. Then when we looked into getting a YMCA membership (my husband's work would pay 3/4th of the monthly fee, yeah!) I found out they have a just for 3 year olds basketball class.

Of course, there was only one other boy enrolled. I had liked the fact that the class would be limited to five, but I had wanted Jared to have the experience of working with and playing with other little boys, too. The coach did say some people might sign up later in the week, so we'll see. Jared will miss two weeks when we go on vacation, but it's only $20 for two months with a membership, so it's a really good deal.

Jared has a really nice coach, but I think he was a little unprepared for the two boy's lack of focus. They both wanted to just keep dribbling or shooting right next to the net when the coach wanted them to watch him model a correct position or move.  I had thought it would be more of a messing around kind of class, but the coach really was going to show them baskeball drills, how to dribble correctly and shoot correctly. I guess that is ok, but I want this to be fun for Jared, too, so it doesn't make him lose interest in the game.

Jared was so adorable when the coach was showing them how to do a correct basketball stance. Jared really was taking it quite seriously.

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