Friday, September 4, 2009

Dressing up in Mommy's Shoes

When I was about five months pregnant, I was told I was going to have a boy and a girl. I started having fantasies about the different things I would be able to do with a boy and a girl. Oh, I always wanted my boy to feel comfortable playing dolls with his sister and my girl to be ok hitting around a baseball. Still, there are some bonding things that just happen between a mother and daughter.

So when one month later I was told I would be having two boys, I cried for about fifteen minutes straight. I knew I should be grateful to have any babies at all since we had went fertility treatments just to get pregnant. Still, I had put so much thought into my fantasies that they had become to seem real. I prayed they had made a mistake. When another doctor was called in to look at the ultrasound and said the first technician had been wrong, and indeed we were having a girl and a boy, I almost fainted from relief. I am thankful daily for my little girl and boy.

Alexa loves, I mean loves, dressing up. Someone dropped off two bags of clothes for us and she spent over an hour trying different clothes and shoes on. She is very, very different from me. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. That doesn't mean I don't occasionally like to have new things, I just hate the process of getting them. Still, when it comes to dressing up with my little girl, nothing could be more satisfying.

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