Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kelly's Island - The Beach

At Kelly's Island, there is one public beach available at the State Park. Not many great options, still the first time we went there, we had the beach pratically to ourselves. It was later in the evening on a Thursday night. At first we were just planning on checking out the beach area (Steve and I had not come down here on our last visit), but after putting their feet in the amazingly warm water (very surprising for a lake), the kids just had to get on their suits and take a dip. 

Later on, they had great fun making sand castles with Grammy.

There were several canoes and kayaks stacked up along the end of the beach, and Alexa and Jared just had to climb up inside them. They were very disappointed we couldn't take one out then, and the next day, after we found out it was $18 for a half hour, we said no thanks again. We'd rather save renting a boat for our next big vacation in the middle of September.

On Friday and again on Saturday, we went down by the beach in the afternoon. Alexa especially loved being in the water. Jared was not always so thrilled. He went in but preferred staying closer to the shore, although he did go out with Steve a few times in a little deeper water to play shark.

Below is a picture of the sand castle Alexa made with Steve.

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