Friday, September 4, 2009

A Rainy Day at the Zoo

It was a colder and definitely rainy day on August 7th when we went with my mom, friend M and her son J to the Brookfield Zoo, and yet it was one of the most memorable times we have been there. You'd have thought with all the rain that there wouldn't be that many people there, but surprisingly enough, it was pretty busy that day. Since my mom has a pass, we went in the south entrance, and Jared and Alexa saw some new lion statues.

Since we arrived near lunchtime, the first thing we did was head straight for some picnic table near the playground. They didn't get to use the equipment because it was all pretty soaked, but they enjoyed throwing pieces of bread to the birds and just running around.

I love both the picture above of J and the picture below of Jared. Jared's finally getting the idea of smiling on cue.

After lunch we headed over to the children's zoo, but on the way we stopped to look at the bears.

Of course, in the Children's Zoo they wanted to feed the goats right away.

Here's Jared trying to give J a hug.

I included this picture because I thought it was so interesting how the ducks bury their head into their feathers when they want to go to sleep.

So it's a little out of order, but the bears put on a really good show for us. This brown bear swam across his little pool, would stand up, flip backwards and swim backwards across to the other side.

A ride on the carousel is a must-do whenever we go to the zoo. I think Alexa was a little disappointed because she choose and animal that didn't move up and down and then couldn't change her mind once the ride started. Still, they both really enjoyed the ride.

We were able to get a group kid's shot before M and J had to leave.

Alexa wanted to put on a little hat fashion show at the gift shop on our way out. Oh, and they loved that Grammy bought them each stuffed snakes, too.

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