Friday, June 5, 2009

Amy's Birthday Party

May 2
We went to my sister’s house to celebrate her birthday on Saturday, May 2nd. The kids always love birthdays, mainly because Jared LOVES to eat cake, and also adore their aunt, uncle and cousin.

My sister’s friend came over with her little girl who is the same age as Owen, my sister’s son. She’s a really cute little girl and can say many words already. At one point, it was really funny because the little girl started raising her voice and making louder AHHH sounds. Her mom starts saying, Look at that and then tells a story about how her daughter was getting that loud in a store and how embarrassing it was. Steve and I kind of chuckle when we hear stories like that because we sometimes WISH our kids, particularly Jared was a tenth that quiet when he has his tantrums in stores. One time when he was a little under two I had to carry him from the back of the store all the way to the front, and all up and down the center aisle I felt dozens and dozens of eyes on me as Jared’s face was red, he was screaming so loud I thought my eardrum would burst and keep clawing at me to let him down. I know there have to be kids who get as loud as Jared when they get upset, but we have not honestly seen any yet in real life.

Anyway, the highlight for the kids is when they were able to go to the park down the block from Amy’s house. Alexa is still really nervous going down slides by herself since her tumble down the stairs, and to make it worse when she got to the top of the slide there was a boy who pushed her and wasn’t going to let her down the slide. Pretty much since then she refuses to go up slides unless we go down with her. She also has stopped trying to climb up ladders when she used to do that easily as well. I guess we can just support her as much as possible without making her feel insecure about it.

After my sister’s friend left, we had a relaxing time just hanging around the house while the kids played with Owen. I wish I had taken more pictures throughout the day, but unfortunately we just have a lot of videos. But here are the few I have:

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