Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Children's Peace Pavilion

One afternoon while in Missouri, we went to the Children's Peace Pavilion in Independence. I had wanted to take the kids to Kaleidoscope in Kansas City. However, wouldn't you know it, the week we were there it was closed for renovations. So, I had read about this museum and it looked like they had interesting exhibits, so off we headed for a fun afternoon.
It was very interesting as we pulled up to the building because I hadn't realized that it was located inside a Mormon church. It was particularly interesting since my father in law, who is a minister at a Bible Church, was with us. But, I enjoy seeing things from another perspective so I was glad for the new experience.

Even before we got inside the museum, the kids had a wonderful time running up and down the ramps with Steve.

We didn't have much time, just about a half hour, but they really made the most of it. There were lots of things to climb, little corners and tunnels to explore, and new things to see.

A huge hit was a little cave they were able to explore with flashlights.

Alexa loved climbing a ladder to a little section with a blackboard and drawing pictures and letters.

Jared loved being silly with me as we put our heads in the cut out openings.

Before we left, the woman in charge asked if we wanted to watch a puppet show. First, we had to watch a five minute video which encouraged kids to Stop, Think, Peace before they acted instead of reacting with violence. We found it a little corny, but that was fine. Then she asked for a volunteer adult to help with the puppet. I wound up volunteering. It was actually pretty fun. I'm the puppet with the blue face on the right.

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