Friday, June 5, 2009

Geese, fossiled fish, and near accidents

May 6

We went to the Cermak Woods today. We haven’t been there since last fall, and I was a little nervous to take them there by myself since they are not the greatest at staying near me. However, if I don’t make an attempt I’ll never find out right? It went pretty good at first. As usual they love finding rocks and throwing them inside the water. I was surprised though that they only wanted to do that for a little while before the exploring bug bit.

We started walking around the pond, walking precariously around the rocks lining the pond. As we walked around the edge of the pond, Jared found something and held it up for me to see. I had thought it was a piece of wood, but we soon realized it was a fossilized catfish. You could even see dried whiskers on it! We kept it in our bag and brought it home for family to see.

Jared loves to eat the hot dog buns that we are going to feed the ducks!

We had planned to feed the ducks that were at the opposite side of the pond, but by the time we reached the other bank, there were a flock of geese near the grass at the edge instead. The kids went crazy breaking off pieces of bread and throwing them at the geese. Alexa laughed so hard and long that the few men that were there fishing started to give us dirty looks, but who cares?

After playing with the geese we started to walk back around, and that’s when I had to go to the bathroom Being as I had an operation when I was thirteen to remove my colon, when I have to go bad, I really need to go. Of course, they pick this time to run away from me and would not come when I called. I had to run, praying I wouldn’t mess my pants, and would finally catch up to one and grab him or her when they other one would take off in the opposite direction. It was pathetic, but I finally just sank to the ground and started sobbing. I don’t even want to know what those fishermen were thinking. Probably that it was payback for me ruining their fishing experience. Well, I guess my tears must have sobered them up because they came back over to me and started hugging me. I carried Jared and Alexa held my hand, and we eventually made it back to the car before I had an accident. I love my kids so much and would never want to have anyone watch them, but there are days when I think I can’t handle another minute of it!!!!!!

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